But, dirty coils can heavily impact the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. These coils are necessary for the heat transfer process in cooling your home or office. If they are dirty, your AC won’t cool as it should. And dirty coils will also contribute to wear and tear on your equipment. All equipment manufacturers recommend that you should have your coils cleaned on a regular basis. HVAC Service
Overall, air sanitizers, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers minimize allergens in the air and make it easier for everyone to breathe better. Portable units, whether sanitizers of dehumidifiers require constant monitoring and control to ensure that they are emptied regularly so that they are working properly. A central system is more effective and efficient at controlling indoor humidity and improving air quality. Contact Baker Brothers to discuss your options for a dehumidifier and UV air sanitizer for your home. HVAC Repair
Some Service Professionals are employees, franchisees, dealers, or independent contractors ("Corporate SP's") of larger national or corporate accounts ("Corporate Accounts"). In such event, you may be matched with the Corporate Account entity or with one of their Corporate SP's. The above screening criteria is not applicable to Corporate Accounts, and therefore, HomeAdvisor does not screen the Corporate Accounts or Corporate SP's. HVAC Repair
Once your air ducts have been cleaned, you can tell the difference and it improves the performance of your air conditioning unit. A clean air duct makes your air conditioner function more efficiently which means reduced energy bills. Regular cleaning lowers the risks of breakdown and the cost of major repairs. And of course, it helps to limit respiratory and allergy problems often caused by excessive build-up of dirt, dust, and allergens in your air ducts and filters. HVAC
"Warren at Lighten Up came in on time and as scheduled. Loved working with him. He provided new lighting for our kitchen remodel and did a great job. He still needs to come back and hook everything up. Also Seth came in and did some plumbing work and repair that we did not even know needed repair. I highly recommend this company and look forward to working with them in the future" HVAC