Fashionably Functional!

There are some people that view lingerie as a clothing item that is reserved for those special occasions or something that is just not practical. In fact, lingerie can be fashionable and functional throughout the day and even as normal sleepwear.

It may come as a surprise, but many women have to wear a type of lingerie under their clothes every day. This lingerie comes in the form of a camisole. The basic function of a camisole was aimed at providing a cover for your body that is placed under items of clothing that were opaque or see through. These would even include silky blouses.

You can go online and search sexy lingerie Malaysia to find a wide variety of choices. The first ones you see, of course, are those that are very prominent and seductive. What you need to know is that when you search further, you can find lingerie pieces that are actually functional yet very sexy.

So why wear something that is sexy under work clothes? There have been woman that have said wearing something as simple as a sexy camisole changed their attitude at work. It is somewhat exciting knowing you have something you are “keeping a secret” under your hum drum daily work attire. This could even be a sexy little thong or a cute boy short. Whichever your choice in lingerie is, it will boost your confidence.

As funny as it may seem, sexy lingerie makes us feel confidant. This could be in part to it being solely feminine. It is something we have complete control over and accentuates our attributes and curves. In other words, it was specifically designed for us. Moreover, the whole concept of lingerie comes with sex appeal and power in the feminine form. With this, we feel as though we have the upper hand.

Relaxing At Night In A Sexy Little Piece

If you are like most women, your night clothes consist of basic, plain and often old clothes. Some of us wear boxers, long t-shirts or even worn out t-shirts that we just did not want to part with. Although this is fine and perfectly acceptable, why not spice it up a bit?

There are plenty of lingerie items that you can wear that are comfortable. Some of these styles are listed below:

1. Camisole: The camisole usually comes with a matching bottom. These bottoms range between a thong and boyshorts. Typically, the boy shorts are preferable for the majority of women. This is because they can walk around the house in them without feeling overly exposed. You can find them in many materials such as cotton, silk, mesh and more. They also range in style and cut. Some camisole tops are short while others are long. Some actually fall in between in length coming just above the belly button. The middle length camisole top is the most popular of the bunch.

2. Babydoll: A baby doll is a great lingerie night piece for many reasons. Babydoll lingerie is longer in length and usually comes with a matching bottom which is usually a thong. There are many lengths to the babydoll style as well. The lengths range from above the thighs, middle of the thighs and toward the bottom of the thighs. Any lingerie piece that is significantly past the thigh area is considered a gown.

The most popular type of babydoll is made out of mesh material. This is often a great choice because it is one of the least expensive materials that lingerie can be made out of other than cotton. If you are looking for a great feel, try a babydoll made out of a Charmeuse material.

3. Gowns: A night gown is a classic piece that has actually lost popularity throughout the years. This is unfortunate because they are extremely beautiful. I believe the main reason is due to the rise of the babydoll. It still maintains the coverage of a gown, however, not as long. Sometimes women feel restricted in a gown and opt for the babydoll.

Although gowns have decreased in their lingerie world hold, they have evolved with the times. A typical gown would often be a full coverage spaghetti strap on top with a flowing bottom that reached to the floor. However, the modern gowns are actually coming up farther in length and more form fitting. Even whenthe current designers stick to the “traditional” look and feel, they still are significantly more revealing than previously.

The styles listed above can be incorporated in your daily wardrobe without anyone noticing unless you want them too. After all, if you are married, don’t you think hubby would love the extra little treat? In the meantime, you are very comfortable – it is a win-win situation!