Buy Great Value Used Catering Trailers

Looking for used catering trailers? Welcome to, where we are dedicated to guidance and resources for finding the very best second hand catering trailers online.

Any catering company needs to control costs. In fact this is probably one of the most important factors for success for any catering commany in a highly cometitive market. If you are in need of a catering trailer then it’s well-worth getting a used one. You can save 50% or even 70% on the price an there’s no reason why you could not also find a top quality trailer. Like used cars, the value of a catering trailer depreciates instantly the moment it goes from new to used, and so you can find used catering trailers that are very high quality, close to new even, but for afraction of the orginal price.

Here are a few tips for when you look at the various trailers out there. Firstly, make sure the unit you buy is very clean and presentable. This is essential in the catering industry as the impression of cleanliness and hygiene is so important. This factor promotes your business more than anything else.

So when you buy a second hand catering trailer you want to balance the savings you make with the quality and condidition of the trailer. If you buy an old, dirty looking one the savings you will make simply are not worth the business you will lose because of the damage to your image! People simply don’t buy food from a dirty looking trailer any more.

Most catering trailers should come with the basic equipment, obvisouly it will vary depending on what type of food you are serving. But here are a few basics: a fridge, a freezer, a griddle, and a tea earn. The griddle is for cooking the eggs, bacon, onions, toast, etc.

And you’ll want a Baine Marie aswell, which keeps the cooked food hot. Best for cooking for lots of people. A good trailer should also have a hot food probe to check the food temperature.

Other things to look for are a clamp to hold the trailer in place and prevent theft, a fire extinguisher for safety. And a fire blanket, a gas safety valve to turn it off if there is a leak, and good air ventelation.

Used catering trailers vary greatly in type and size. You might even have an oven, plus sinks of varying sizes. You will save thousands of dollars buying a used catering trailer, but you also have the disadvantage that used trailers rarely come with the warranty still in tact, or at least a very limited one.

You will want to think about the design of the trailer you’re purchasing. Whether it represents your own catering food style appropriately, and whether it will need a re-painting. You might want to customise the catering trailer to your needs exactly, which can cost you extra. Interior customizing will mean flooring and lighting your used catering trailer, etc. It’s worth getting good used catering equipment aswell.

If you search around you can find a great deal. There’s no need to jump on the first deal you find. The industry is a very busy one, with lots of catering equipment and trailers changing hands and being bought and sold, so a bargain is awaiting you!