Tips for Taobao Buying

How to choose cheaper, high-quality, and correct items as your desired quickly?

If you do not understand how to read Chinese and not good at using Chinese shopping in taobao, you’d better talk with us, we can help you find cheaper, high quality and correct products with competitive price. Contact our taobao agent and we’ll help you!

  1. How to choose products quickly?

  1) As taobao is a Chinese website, when you search products in taobao, you should enter chinese instead of English, in this way you can get more products.

  2) Make good use of search Toolbar, make sure the keywords you entered is correct. Meanwhile use the search toolbar in the special area, the results can be more correct.

  3) In order to search the items more accurately, you can enter the several keywords with space in search bar. For example, you can enter “女人 裙子 白色”, in the middle three words, you can add two space.


  1. How to choose cheap products?

  1) As the same products always sold in many sellers, you need compare more than three stores,see more price in different shop instead of picking up the products you see in the first time.

  2) In order to construct a better taobao, taobao company often organizations the vast majority of stores discount activities in Western and Eastern important holidays. When you buy items in this time, you will earn more.


  1. How to choose high quality products?

  1) Please read and learn our taobao buying guide carefully, especially the info we marked using blue colors, according to it and also pay much attention to the following points:

  2) Buy from As the sellers in Engtaobao are more reliable and quality assurance.


  1. How to choose correct products?

  1) Since different country has different standard size, so while choosing products, do remember to make exchange. In order to choose size correctly, we would check information supplied by suppliers in advance to give you a precise size table.

  2) Decide which colors you want, but in reality, it maybe have color aberration, you should know this first. So just choose your likeable product color on the drop-down list. Please note, sometimes the price of the product would be varied according to the color you choose.


  1. How to avoid being deceived?

  1) Do not trust the pics in website too much, as the pics always have difference with the actual product. If you want to buy good products, you should go to the shop with good reputation and good comment.

  2) Search the same products in different shop, mcompare to the price, choose the product in the middle price. While the product normally sell at RMB 40, if you only spend RMB30 on this, that would be earned, but if you only spend RMB15, you must be cheated.