To pack or not to pack? That is the question

Packing household goods require an array of packing supplies. Boxes, tape, shrink wrap, mattress covers, white paper, bubble wrap and durable blankets are commonly used for packing your goods. Buying these products at the store might cost tens or even hundreds of dollars, while buying the same products from your mover on the moving day might even cost you thousands of dollars.

Here is a common scenario:
When a mover gives you a price quote he will often ask if you plan to do all the packing yourself. Most people will answer ‘Yes’ as an instinct, imagining only their cloths, dishes and food. Thinking that you really intend on packing everything the mover will leave the price of packing materials out of the price quote. When moving day finally comes and the movers start working, you realize that you have more things than you imagined and that you did not pack nearly half of your household goods. The big screen TV, that mirror on the dresser, the glass shelves, doors and tabletop, that vase, the pictures on the walls, the toys, knickknacks and much more…

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There are 2 solutions to this problem:

1. Ask your mover to include packing prices for those items you do not plan on packing. This way you’ll have a better starting point when deciding whats worth packing yourself and what not and you’ll also be more prepared for the final bill.

2. Packing everything yourself, by doing that you’ll shorten the time of the move by almost half and the price by even more.

In some cases the price of packing a specific item might cost more then buying a new one. Donate, throw away or give to friends items that are not worth packing/shipping.