Prague: St. Nicholas Church

The Church of St. Nicholas which is also called the Saint Nicholas Cathedral stands for the most famous Baroque church in Prague. This sight of historical interest was built between 1704 and 1755 on the place of a former Gothic church from the 13th century which was dedicated to Saint Nicholas as well. St. Nicholas Church is situated in the centre of the Lesser Town Square and a visitor can admire one of the Dientzenhofer’s supreme achievements. Be enticed by the most impressive example of Prague Baroque! Continue reading Prague: St. Nicholas Church

The 1920s in New York

The former enemies in the Great War no longer posed a threat to the victors, the Allies. Empires were dissolved, boundaries settled and a fragile peace achieved. Yet, memories of wartime horrors still lingered on. As a sure means to obtain some sort of escapade people took the plunge into the abundance guaranteed by the flourishing economy. Continue reading The 1920s in New York