Beard Oil Benefits

The Unique And Often Overlooked Benefits of Beard Oil
Sophisticated, professional, healthy, fragrant, precise; these are not typically the words that come to mind when you think of a beard, but they can be with an understanding of the benefits of our beard oil. Most people would think of terms like scruffy, rough or shaggy when thinking of a beard. When our beard oil is applied, the opposite is true. It has a transformative effect. What is commonly thought of as gruff now conjures up terms like healthy and sophisticated. As with an accessory, or even a haircut, a beard can be a uniquely defining feature of your persona. It can help convey who you are and what you stand for. It’s a way for you to speak to the world.

While an untreated beard can be manicured and sculpted, adding Beard Farmer oil takes your beard to new depths. These can be purely esthetic, but they also encompass functional and health benefits. Using our beard oil gives you greater control over your beard and produces benefits you may never have imagined.

Beard Beauty You Better Believe
One of the most visually obvious benefits of Beard Farmer oil is that it produces a soft and naturally shiny beard. In the same way conditioner leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth, the right oils have a similar effect on a beard. Get rid of the shaggy, dry look with drops of our beard oil. Your beard will look fuller, softer and become much more manageable.

While not quite as visible, another benefit of our beard oil comes in the coating it provides. Untreated facial hair takes just as much of a beating as the hair on our heads. We treat our hair with products to style and protect it, but why not do that with your beard? Beard growth oil plays a crucial role in protecting your beard against the elements and ultimately helping you keep a strong, healthy beard.

Health Above And Below…And All Throughout
Promoting a healthy beard isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most functional benefits of beard oil. Your beard can consist of healthy hair, but does that health extend below your beard, down and into the skin? The unique ingredients in our beard oil have a deep penetrating effect that weaves through your beard, onto your skin and down to the hair follicle.

The natural state of an untreated beard is not a pretty picture. From the outside, the climate has a tendency to dry out a beard. Below the beard, the hair actually pulls moisture away from the skin often leaving it dry, red and flaky. The result is a no-win situation and some of the not-so-nice effects are:

  • ‘Beardruff’ – the beard equivalent of dandruff; dry flaky skin enters your beard and the resulting look isn’t a hygienic one
  • Acne under your beard; an untreated dry beard is susceptible to much more dirt and grime than a treated one. Those unsavory elements can work their way down into your skin causing acne
  • Just like your hair, your beard hair is prone to split ends
  • A dry face and a dry beard are almost certainly going to itch

As you can see, an untreated beard may not only be unhealthy, but it may be uncomfortable as well.

Beard Farmer oil can reduce or alleviate every one of those conditions. Beard dandruff is one of the most unsightly untreated beard side-effects. It’s easily remedied though. Our Beard oil provides extra moisture to our thicker and coarser hair by working its way down to the skin and into the hair follicles where it acts as a moisturizer. Dry skin is eliminated and so are the flakes, all while not clogging the pores.

The same goes for split ends, acne and an itchy beard. All of these issues can not only be annoying, but painful. Consistent beard oil use heals these situations and promotes healthy beard growth. Your beard will look better and you will physically feel better. Just more benefits of our beard oil. We use the perfect blend of oils to ensure each bottle has a well-balanced portfolio of various benefits and nutrients. Each bottle contains premium quality oils originating from all over the world to give our customers the perfect experience!