Kabbalistic Numerology

Relationships in lined with Kabbalistic Numerology
One of the surefire ways to increase your odds of a good relationship is through Kabbalistic Numerology. This is basically the study of numbers and as how this is related to our lives, relationships and even decision making. Studying this, also addresses existing problems in a relationship.
There are a lot of options that has been provided by some writers and websites to understand a relationship. Some would even use a chart or a matching table. However, this is not a good way to understand relationships.
There are several techniques that can be used to understand relationships through numerology. One must comprehend first that relationships start within oneself. It all depends on your acceptance and willingness to connect with another person.
Birthday Number is one of the techniques that have been used as a crucial factor in a relationship. Birthday number is like Birthday Vibration. It is your birth date that is rounded or reduced to a single number, for instance by summing the number up. Some would consider this effective because the numeric value that will result is the Birthday Number that is used to determine the productive cycle of your life path. For instance if you were born on December 18th, your Birthday Number would be 9.
With all the techniques that we know of, there is still one thing to consider, which is the root of your relationship with other people and yourself and that is your Heart’s Desire or your Soul Urge.
It is even said that the key to live in prosperity, contentment and happiness is through harmonious living with the desires of your soul. When you do things, it must be in harmony with the real desires of your heart or must be in tune with the vibration of your soul urge… because if this will not be observed in everything that you do, this causes rare or minimal attractions to a relationship.
The Heart Desire or the Soul Urge is a part of Expression and that is the total Name Number. There is also another part what we call The Personality Number. Soul urge is the representation of the inner self while Personality Number represents the psychological aspects of a person such as habits, styles, and traits that can be attained through one’s surroundings or the environment that one is living in to fulfill the desires of the heart. Personality Number plus Soul Urge will give the total exposition or expression of a person. As they say if the Soul Urge of two individuals is in tune, this is what a lot of people termed as soul mates.
A clear and good connection with Soul is the most significant factor in opening your mind , self and heart to other people and being love. Make sure to learn about tuning in to your Heart’s Desire so you can appreciate and exalt your Soul in your everyday life.